1 september 2017

Marketing Management

Launch your company into the Dutch and West-European market

If you are planning to grow your business in The Dutch and European market you probably need to make some noice. Our Marketing Services supports you with planning and activities which demonstrated to be the most effective in this region.

Our Marketing services includes:

  • Strategy mentoring accessing the Dutch and Western-Europe market (incl. channel strategy, culture, infrastructure)
  • Strong introduction of your company, product or services to the Dutch and West-European market
  • Event management
  • Public Relation management
  • Translation services for content management
  • Online marketing (local SEO/SEA strategy)
  • Finding and building a local marketing team (recruitment)

Our Marketing services helps you with building your brand and creating opportunities. We work with experienced people who perfectly knows the B2B software/hardware market and building local brands.

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