1 september 2017

Leadgen & Sales

We will find your first customers in The Netherlands

If you are planning to grow your software/hardware business in The Dutch and European market you probably need some leads and customers to get things going.

Our Leadgeneration & Sales services includes:

  • Strategy mentoring accessing the Dutch and Western-Europe market (incl. channel strategy, culture, infrastructure)
  • Creating qualified leads and making appointments with relevant stakeholders
  • Finding the right customers (segments)
  • Closing first deals
  • Consulting and guidance in market common terms & conditions
  • Connecting you to Europe's biggest cybersecurity eco-system
  • Finding and building a local sales team (recruitment)

Our Leadgeneration & sales services helps you with finding qualitive leads, making appointments and closing your first deals. We work with experienced people who perfectly knows the software/hardware and cybersecurity market, generating business opportunities and closing deals.

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